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Herbal Food Supplement Formula

Health Alternative: We have experienced a price increase due to the scarcity of Blood Root, a key herb in the Herbal Plus products. High demand by the European animal foods industry has forced the plant to near extinction due to overharvesting of it here in America. Two extremely wet years in eastern America have caused many Blood Root fields to be flooded and die. The future of Blood Root supply is uncertain. Other herbs have doubled and tripled in price. We have no choice but to raise our prices to cover our rising costs.

Herbal Plus is the herbal formula with a long history of use and beneficial results for people and animals with various health challenges.

Native American Indian Medicine: Native Americans introduced this herbal combination to an early pioneer family, and the formula was passed down for generations…

Case histories reveal that effectiveness depends on formulating the proper portions of these herbs.

Why is it called “Black Salve?” The herbs that are in the salve are red in color to begin with. A short time after the salve is made it turns black.

Processed at a company in the United States that meets the Food and Drug Administration’s Good Manufacturing Practices.

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Each HERBAL PLUS Black Salve tablet contains:
300 Mgs. of herbs (Red Clover, Bloodroot, Galangal, Sheep Sorrel) and 325 Mgs. of Calcium phosphate that is used as a binder. Does NOT contain zinc chloride.

60 Tablets per bottle.

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