Thank you for the health support you have given me.
Kathleen M. – Tennessee, USA
September 2002

Dear Ben & Lisa,
Once again, thank you for this New Lease on Life. I feel better than I’ve felt in years. Praise be to God and the program at Eden’s Pathway. Quitting smoking after a 34 year habit and coming off of 14 prescription drugs is a dream come true for me. I pray God’s blessing on your lives and this wonderful work He has given you that you will continually prosper in helping others as you have helped me.

With love,
Faye P. – Tennessee, USA
May 2003

Through the Grace of God I entrusted Eden’s Pathway for a 10-day Detox cleanse. I had the honor to be with Lisa Brown, her wonderful family and to be in their lovely Christian home. What a wonderful program! A very caring staff and her husband with spiritual wisdom, I thank you! God has anointed Lisa with the knowledge and wisdom. With Lisa’s guidance God has given me a New Life! I would like to thank her father for supporting me.”
Lisa I will be forever Grateful

Sandy B. – Tennessee, USA
March 2005

I have been truly blessed both physically and Spiritually in this program at Eden Pathway Educational home. I have been having health challenges for the past two years and know that this complete detoxification program has benefited me.

On returning home, I plan to follow the health principles learned these past 10 days and claim the promise found in Phil. 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ, who strengtheneth me.”

I Would like to thank Lisa, Ben, Brittany and staff for the wonderful treatment I received in their lovely home. Also enjoyed their son, Ben, Jr. who was so delightful and pleasant to be with.

Helen L. – Paget, Bermuda
July 2005

Dear Ben & Lisa,
I have so appreciated and I am so thankful for the 10 day cleansing and health program which you are offering. I have not been feeling well for a long time but could not find a program based on natural healing which was affordable. After speaking with you, I realized that you were offering just what I needed and could afford. I have learned so much about how my body works and what it needs for optimum health and that I must change my lifestyle for continued improvement. With the Lord’s help, I will correct bad habits and nourish my body as I should.

Thank you for making my stay so enjoyable, comfortable, informative and spiritually uplifting. Also, I thank you for your compassion and love for us and your work.

May God bless you both and your family and his wonderful program.

With love,
Marilyn K. – Tennessee, USA
July 2005

Eden’s Pathway Educational Home has truly been a blessing, as well as, a beneficial natural medicine experience for my wife and I. Having been involved in Health Education ourselves for over 20 years, we had been searching for a program that would incorporate a complete detoxification process that would facilitate the benefits of the other health principles already being applied.

We believe this program, sponsored in a loving Christian home atmosphere accomplished this and more, and is really the ONLY way one can begin the journey into a healthier, disease free lifestyle.

Thank you so much Lisa, Ben, Brittany and staff for providing this professional yet relaxing and loving environment that produced remarkable results and that we will forever treasure.

Hope to return again to take advantage of your follow-up programs

Mr & Mrs Dike – Georgia, USA
July 2005

My name is Amy, I went to Eden’s Pathway Lifestyle Center, which is located in Reliance Tennessee on the 17th of January, 2010 for a 10-day program. It was a remarkable experience for me, especially to see how such things that were eliminated from my body. I really appreciated very much the care I received there. You cannot help but miss this couple and also their assistants.

This place is beautiful, it is situated in a country setting and is surrounded with mountains and hills also the lake. It is very scenic and peaceful, an ideal place to be away to get well.

Lisa and Ben her husband are a great couple, they work together in this ministry. Lisa’s knowledge, confidence and her dedication to her call is to be admired. I was so encouraged to see her faith and her trust in God, also to hear her experiences and miracles God has done through the years of their ministry. She is a women of prayer. Thank God for a place like Eden’s Pathway where one could go and receive such loving care.

Amy B. – Tennessee, USA
January 2010

I have had a mole on the calf of my leg for years and recently went to a skin to have a biopsy done. When the test came back the nurse called and told me that it was melanoma cancer and that it needed to be removed. I was upset so I called and talked with Lisa and she told me that there was some treatments that they could do if I would like to come up and stay for the night. So I did and Lisa did the treatment as she said she would and we then scheduled for me to come and attend the next upcoming 10-day program.

Upon my arrival Sunday afternoon I was situated in a very lovely room and began treatments on Monday morning. I have been to several different lifestyle centers and have never seen a program work as simple yet so intensely as this one. While on the program we received fresh juices, herbal tinctures and enjoyed the many health lectures presented by Ben and Lisa. Also the prayer and encouragement given me by Ben, Lisa, little Ben and Cathylen was a wonderful blessing.

Before I came to Eden’s Pathway I was very constipated. Now after the program I do not suffer with that problem anymore and my skin cancer has completely come out and is almost healed up. I thank God for the opportunity to go through this program and look forward on returning and doing another program in the future.

Thank you, Ben and Lisa for your love. And for following God’s plan in helping people.

In His Love,

Heidi M. – Tennessee, USA
January 2010

My name is Christine and I’m from the Cayman Islands. I came to Eden’s Pathway Lifestyle Center for the healing of my body. When I came I had all kinds of pain and felt so sick. But after ten days of cleansing and praying to God, everything is okay. Thank God for the Browns – Lisa and Brother Ben, Physicians in Christ.

So whenever you need healing, seek God first then seek the Browns.

Christine O. – Cayman Islands
February 2011

Thank you so much for helping us re-new our health and spiritual life. You are a great blessing.

Mr & Mrs Hurst
July 2011

I am lost for words. All I can say is that you all are God’s choice. Keep on doing your best for your Lord.

His Richest Blessings,

July 2011

Dear Ben, Lisa, Ben Jr, Naomi, Brittany and Baby Girl (our walking companion and guard),

Thank you so much! God bless you and your ministry.

Mr & Mrs Charles
July 2011

No words can thank all of you. My family and I are in deep gratitude for all you have done for me and given so much of your service, gone out of you way to ensure we were treated exceptionally well. It’s been an inspiration for us to participate.

July 2011

Eleanna and I grew up in the church knowing the health message (or so we thought). We knew we had to be better and more consistent with healthy living, but didn’t recognize “the fierce urgency of now” as Dr. M.L. King once said. That “fierce urgency” finally set in when we came to the Eden’s Pathway Lifestyle Center. Ben and Lisa’s program proved to be just the blessing that God wanted us to experience this summer. The isotonic water treatments, steam baths, rebounding, raw food eating, bible study and health lectures all proved to be a HUGE blessing. I personally saw huge benefits in weight loss and endurance (I weighed 227 and have since leaving dropped almost 20 pounds)! This program was a real eye-opener for a young couple such as ourselves. Upon returning to Florida, we were so excited to share the information that we received and have influenced other young (and young at heart) people to embrace a healthier lifestyle. In fact, it won’t be long before our home church will have a rejuvenated lease on the health message through our efforts! We thank God everyday for the time we had at Eden’s Pathway Lifestyle Center.

Dane & Eleanna H.
July 2011