What Eden’s Pathway Has to Offer

Some people wonder, what makes Eden’s Pathway different from other lifestyle centers? What do they have to offer and how do they function? Well here’s the difference. Eden’s Pathway has designed each one of their programs to provide a total cleansing of the body, not just the large intestines, but the ENTIRE body. From the large intestines to the blood cells that flow through your body. The reason for the cleansing is that in order to have a new start on your health you need a clean body to start with. Then by a diet of natural foods full of nutrition and minerals, your body builds itself a powerful weapon against disease. Provided with a peaceful atmosphere your mind and spirit may also wash away a lot of the stress that is carried throughout our lives. God has given us the knowledge of a healthier way to live why not use it?

Eden’s Pathway Functions on the ten guidelines that all nature is to follow in order to live a full and happy life. To start with Trust in Divine Power is the most important. Eat a Nutritious diet, but make sure you use Temperance in all things. Drink plenty of pure Water, take in deep breaths of fresh Air and always think of something you can do to Serve someone else. Daily Exercise is always important, while your Rest is too. Remember to enjoy the Sunshine outside and to be Thankful for all the things in life.

Following the ten health guidelines are not meant to be rules that we have to live by, but they are to make our lifestyles a simple, fun and happy way to live. Instead of waking up in the morning with a head ach, wouldn’t it be wonderful to wake up with a clear and pain free mind. This is possible. The main goal at Eden’s Pathway is to show individuals that a better way of living can be simple.

Rebuilding Your Immune System through Internal Cleansing & Nutrition

When we violate the laws of health, disease and sickness are soon to follow. If we want to maintain proper health and not become diseased, then we must apply God’s plan into our daily lives. The more we apply the original laws of God; the better will be our position for recovery and preservation of health.

The lack of external and internal cleanliness causes disease. External cleansing represents the elimination of poisonous substances from the skin, one of the eliminative organs which is most important in resisting disease by flushing impurities.

Many people suffer with inadequate nutrition and poisons collecting in their bodies. When waste is expelled, the body is going through a “cleansing process.” When this process of waste removal occurs, this is the best opportunity we have to cooperate with nature. Disease is damaged health; the best way to study disease is simply to study health.

Activities Enjoyed at Eden’s Pathway

Every day you will learn simple yet powerful health practices and how you can apply them to your life. You will also discover how to cleanse your body of toxins with 100% live foods in a way that is not harmful to your body. You will also learn how to treat your body, using a variety of safe natural remedies. By the time you leave you will be able to help family, friends and others with the information you have learned.

During your stay you will enjoy series of video presentations conducted by renowned naturopathic doctors and individuals sharing their experiences of how simple a natural way of living will help to rebuild your body and fight against disease. You will also be invited to join in a devotional time each day, for encouragement and spiritual upliftment.

In the peaceful scenes of nature your body will be rejuvenated. While relaxing you will learn how to prepare healthy gourmet vegan and raw nutritious meals, as beautiful as they are delicious. Some of the dishes you will learn how to prepare will consist of inviting breakfasts’, non-dairy cheeses, hearty soups, exquisite salads, fresh simple desserts and even a heavenly non-dairy ice cream!

Your body will enjoydaily sauna baths, light exercise,restful naps along with healthful sunbaths. You will experience one on one hydro-therapy. And you won’t forget to enjoy those daily walks in the refreshing mountain air. Have the built up over bearing stress worked out of your system with a peaceful therapeutic massage. At each scheduled time you will be presented with fresh juices full of live enzymes. Your will also have wholesome herbal teas to choose from. And once you sit at the table and enjoy a freshly prepared raw meal with your fellow guest, you will want to know exactly how it was prepared so attractively yet simply.

We hope that you will take the time out of your schedule to come and experience for your self the learning of a better way of living.

PROGRAM COST: The cost varies depending on which options you choose. Please call one of our office at 423-371-2032 and we will be happy to discuss this with you.

PAYMENT: The 5, 7 and 10-day program requires an advance non-refundable deposit of $500, and the 13-day program requires an advance non-refundable deposit of $750 at the time of booking to secure your reservation. This may be done over the phone with your credit card or online. You may also send us a check, however your booking will only be confirmed once your funds have cleared our bank.

Programs are priced on a “payment-in-full” basis due one week prior before you arrive. We accept cash, personal checks and all major credit cards. All programs must be paid in full prior to any services.

REFUNDS: The deposit paid at time of booking is non-refundable. If for any reason you are not able to make the Lifestyle Program you booked for, you must let us know at least TWO weeks in advance of your booked starting date.

ADDITIONAL COST: Hormone/Thyroid Testing, Thermography and herb shop items, special diagnostic procedures and certain individualized services are not a part of the package price. Hydrotherapy or massage (in addition to your regular treatments) can be scheduled for an additional fee subject to availability. Payment for extras is due at the end of the program.

NOTE: Those dealing with chronic diseases, please call for additional pricing and specific program.

INSURANCE: Unfortunately, insurance companies at this time do not offer payment for wellness programs unless you have certain type of PPO. There are some employers that offer self-insurance, check with your Personnel Department to see if your company offers a Company Self-Insurance that would pay for the wellness program.

WORK: Unfortunately we are not able to provide for you to work in exchange for a lifestyle program.